Full-Body Massage

Emma’s massages have repeatedly been called ‘amazing’. She uses a wide range of massage techniques: with 15 years qualified experience she has developed a very sensitive touch and can cater for the very young, very old, and all those in between, as well as those with special educational needs, with pressure varying from very light to deep tissue.  The client can choose to have a full-body massage or ask Emma to focus on a specific area, e.g. just the back and back of the legs. She can also offer clothed, pressure-point treatments and Indian Head Massage and has worked at many events.

Specific benefits of Massage include:

  • Relief of muscle stiffness
  • Alleviation of work related pain such as RSI, lower back and neck pain
  • Soothing nervous tension
  • Encouraging the elimination of toxins by improving circulation
  • Improving skin tone
  • Soothing aching joints & tired feet
  • Assisting lymphatic drainage
  • Assisting restful sleep

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