for the Mind, Body and Spirit!

by Emma Tubmen BA (Hons) ITEC IIR FHT


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Emma has been working as a complementary therapist since 2001,

she is multi-disciplinary and a multi-dimensional channel.

She is intuitive, empathetic and has an integrative approach to health care.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass,

it’s about learning to dance in the rain!”

“With over 20 years in the complementary health business I know a lot about wellbeing.”

Life is supposed to be joyful!

Overcoming challenges helps us to grow, however, stress can become overwhelming and pain prevents us from enjoying life to the full. Emma’s holistic treatments and coaching sessions fundamentally relieve stress and pain, helping people value themselves more and improve their quality of life, so they can reach more of their potential and create a life more in alignment with their dreams.

I have ‘magic hands‘ and offer different types of Swedish-based massage (relaxing to deep tissue), reflexology, reiki, craniosacral balancing and shamanic sound healing treatments in person at my clinics in Crystal Palace, East Dulwich or in the comfort of your own home.

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£100 for 60 minutes £150 90 mins (some concessions available on request)
For home visits £30 per hour travel time

“Emma is a true healer.”              Es Devlin – Artist

Hands-On Healing

I have an integrative approach to health care and use a flexible combination of Massage, Reflexology, Craniosacral balancing, Reiki, Counselling, Channeling and Spiritual Life Coaching in my treatments. The client can choose just one or a combination of all I offer, often clients will leave the decision up to me and I can intuitively give them what they need.

What to expect from a hands-on treatment with Emma

“Every treatment is different, after an initial consultation we will decide where the focus should be for the session. A treatment can cover everything to do with the mind, body and spirit and can vary from a full-body massage with no talking, including a face or stomach massage and reflexology if required, to a deep transformational sound bath session with coaching and channeled guidance, with all sorts of combinations and variables in between.  Treatments are customised for each individual client and how they are feeling that particular day. Craniosacral balancing is often given at the beginning and/or end of the treatment and reflexology is offered if there are internal issues to be resolved. I see a great many pregnant clients, both for massage and reflexology. Many clients have a series of 4 treatments at weekly intervals to begin with then go on to having monthly treatments thereafter.”

Treatments are from 30 minutes to three hours.

Emma often uses visualization techniques with focus on the breath and positive affirmations to assist with relaxation, and sometimes even uses her voice, for example chanting, singing and toning, to help keep the client present and assist with the relaxation process. This varies from person to person and is in no way an obligatory part of the treatment.

She has many regular clients, often office workers with problems relating to their posture and sedentary lifestyle, or people who feel they are holding themselves back and would like to move forwards. She also offers advice on postural awareness, exercises, meditations, affirmations and diet tips to achieve a

healthier and happier ideal you.

She treats pregnant women, the elderly, teenagers, babies, as well as people with special educational needs e.g. Down’s syndrome, autism, MS and PTSD, addictions & mental health issues.

“I love my work, I love people and it shows! My clients often don’t want to leave! However when they do they feel relieved, rejuvenated, relaxed, invigorated, healed and happy.

I am also available online as a counsellor, therapist and Spiritual Lifecoach and can offer distance reiki, guided breathwork, meditations, sound baths, chakra clearing and visualizations

to support your healing journey.

I am intuitively guided and use channeling techniques, crystals and card readings

to give support and guidance to my clients.

In just 45 minutes you could be feeling a whole lot better, satisfaction or your money back,

try it and see!”

Zoom counselling/coaching/energy healing session

£60 for 45 mins £75 for 60 minutes (some concessions available)

Here are a few tips to make yourself feel better now….

  • Find something to be grateful for! Gratitude is the medicine for good mental health…

  • Have the confidence to sit up, stand up and walk straight, pretend you have an elastic band attaching your head to the sky, or a beam of light coming out of your head.

  • Feel rooted into the ground
  • BREATHE – learn how to breathe ‘properly’ e.g. through yoga, meditation or singing lessons

  • Drink 4-7 glasses of water a day

  • Take regular exercise

  • Eat a healthy balanced diet

  • Meditate

  • Have a massage

  • Have fun

  • Think positive!

Thanks for looking me up and hope to meet you for a treatment soon…

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All The Best,

Emma x

A course of treatments is recommended.


“I first went to see Emma when I was suffering with chronic pain. It felt like I had tried everything to find some relief and spent a small fortune doing so. I found Emma via online reviews and loved that she offered a mix of treatments. I instantly felt at ease with her and found our sessions so relaxing and helpful. I took on board her spiritual wisdom but thought the key was her physical treatments. Now, well over a year later, I feel like a completely different person. Whilst my health issues have been diagnosed, I understand that they are only part of the picture and the impact of deeper issues. I now have more inner strength than I ever thought possible. Emma’s guidance played an integral role in my journey and will continue to do so. Her help has honestly been life changing.” Zoe Wilton, Teacher

“Epic!” Joe Cole, actor.

“Without doubt the best massage therapist I have ever had. Totally sorted me out.”

Antoin Doherty, Musician.

“Emma has magic healing hands”  Numerous clients over the years.

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