Joe Cole, actor

‘Stepping into the sanctuary that Emma created was always a welcoming soothing escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Each greeting at the start of a treatment was infectious, and you couldn’t help but immediately feel at ease. When I first started working with Emma my life seemed to be hopping from endless stressful situation to another, whilst my confidence and self-esteem suffered. She worked with me to bring a strong sense calm and peace to mind. She never judged and was always willing to listen, letting me steer each treatment whether it was cranial, reflexology or massage, whilst offering continuous positive words of wisdom that focused on combating my anxieties and realising that we are all special and unique.’


‘That was the best massage I’ve ever had!’
Many clients

‘I have been receiving treatment from Emma for quite some time and it has transformed my life on many different levels.

Emma has the ability to tune in to your specific needs utilising on her knowledge, experience and expertise.

I was initially introduced to Emma for reflexology after I was diagnosed with pancreatitis but with her vast experience in other areas of treatment she has tailored our sessions to benefit me to the full. I have after 2 years of regular weekly 90 minute treatments no longer any evidence of pancreatitis, the hospital specialists are very confused and think they must have mis-diagnosed me in the first place. Reflexology and the power of suggestion to change limiting thought patterns are obviously very powerful.

Thank you Emma!!! I know I can’t thank Emma enough.’


‘I am a patient suffering with hypermobility syndrome. I get considerable relief from your treatments for which I am grateful.’

‘Without doubt the best all round massage therapist I have ever had. Totally sorted me out.’

‘Very connecting. Emma made me feel very comfortable, she works very intuitively, I am a small frame, the pressure she used was perfect, her touch is assertive and strong yet fluid. The combination of massage and reflexology was divine.’

‘After an hour-long cranio-sacral therapy treatment: ‘Wow! That was amazing, where did I go to? My shoulder let itself go but in the midst of a place I’ve never felt before.  It felt like hours. I’m really present, I feel like a new person!’

‘My brother has an autism diagnosis and has been to see Emma regularly for the past two years for craniosacral therapy. He is very happy to have treatments and they have benefitted him greatly. He used to wake up throughout the night and wander round the house, he now sleeps from 10.30 to 7am. His sentences are longer and he is more focused during the day. He is much calmer now.’

‘I came to Emma with an undiagnosed condition, hardly able to walk, my speech was slurred, I had been in hospital for 7 months but they could not help me. After 4 months of regular treatments not only was I able to walk and talk more fluently but my hair started to grow back thicker, it had started to thin, and my big toe nail, which had started to go black and twisted, went back to normal. After 6 months I was able to visit my sister and her family in New York, I didn’t think I’d be able to see them again. I don’t know what Emma did but it worked. I am much better now but I still come to Emma for massages, she is very good.’

‘Emma is a wonderful therapist who always understands what I need.  She is very professional and easy to get along with, and her reflexology and massages leave me feeling relaxed and energised. Highly recommended.’

‘Emma’s got healing hands, she gives mind-blowing treatments, I know she’s always going to make me feel better. She is so spot on and intuitively knows what to do. I always have to go to the osteopath, this time I went to Emma & she did what I hoped and more!’

‘Emma has been treating me for a few years now, her treatments make me purr, they are very very pleasant.  Emma also regularly treats my sister who has Down’s Syndrome at home, which has been very beneficial to her health as well as helping to keep her in a good mood. My sister greatly enjoys the sessions during which Emma uses both reflexology, craniosacral therapy and massage. Emma also treats my mother who suffers from muscular problems and depression, the treatments improve my mother’s health and wellbeing.’