Craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral Therapy

What is it? The body, mind and spirit are interconnected and craniosacral therapy assists with the ‘letting go’ of old patterns, physical, mental and emotional. Craniosacral therapy is a technique of listening to the body, to the Breath of Life as it’s founder William Sutherland, described it. Essentially, craniosacral fluid bathes the cranium, spinal cord and sacrum inside a continuous membrane and emanates a rhythmic flowing motion. The practitioner ‘tunes in’ to this motion, and the act of ‘listening’ to it through their hands and ‘following’ it as it expresses itself, enables it to rebalance, thereby causing healing to occur on many levels.

What does it feel like?  It can feel like you are floating, sinking, swaying, or just relaxing, occasionally people do not feel anything, it works on some level whether you can feel it or not. Here are some testimonials from clients, it is: ‘very relaxing’, ‘makes me feel high’, ‘I went somewhere’, ’like being in a deep sleep yet I’m alert, I feel so calm. It’s like you’re trying to balance water, to steady it, when it balances, the whole body feels like it comes into one, your chest relaxes, it feels so good! When you finished with the feet I felt like you removed something from my leg and said “let it go, let it go” and it was gone. My headache is gone, I feel so fresh, so good’.

How often should I have treatments? Regular treatments are highly recommended, they can be once a week, once a month, every two weeks, or whenever you feel the need to be rebalanced, When you develop a trusting relationship with your practitioner you can ‘let go’ more quickly.

What can I expect from the treatment? During treatments the practitioner will hold the feet, the sacrum and/or the head, or indeed any part of the body that they feel drawn to, e.g. if the problem is in the arm or leg, the appropriate limb will be held so that it can ‘unwind’, thereby relieving tension and discomfort in that area. The client is allowed to talk if they have issues they need to express so that the session is therapeutic on a psychological level as well.

Can I have craniosacral therapy alongside other treatments? I find that it works really well with my other treatments, reflexology, reiki and massage can all be used in a unique combination tailored to your needs on the day.  Preferable 90 minutes should be booked so you can achieve the deep relaxation required for profound healing to take place. I frequently use visualization techniques at the beginning of the treatment whilst practising cranio on the feet or head, to help the client relax, be present and let go of what they have arrived with in their mind.

What are the benefits? People have felt a profound shift in their consciousness, others take longer to reach the place of healing within themselves, it all depends on the individual. You may expect after a series of craniosacral treatments to feel more present in your everyday life, to feel more grounded, connected, aligned, positive and better equipped to tackle your daily challenges. Things that were wrong with the body due to misalignment and an accumulation of old stuff: physical, mental and emotional in the body sort themselves out as the body balances itself, during a course of treatments.

It must be said however that if you have been holding onto old belief patterns all your life and then your body releases the need to hold those beliefs, you may feel discombobulated for a while. Do not worry, you will rebalance. I will support you in your journey.

A journey with craniosacral therapy is epic, profound, life enhancing, life changing, why wait to meet your aligned self?

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