Are you Evolving?


The World today is changing so fast. Have you ever thought that perhaps we are evolving as the world changes, each of us at our own pace?  Metaphysically as well as technologically. Perhaps we are the Mother Earth as she is us; we could see ourselves like the caterpillar which will change to a butterfly, but must first rest in darkness in a cocoon of ignorance getting ready to burst free into the sunshine of bliss. Before the caterpillar emerges as a butterfly it must first be transmuted, the imaginal cells must evolve, a painful and messy process (remind you of anything…i.e. what’s going on in the World today?)!

We are taught by the mystics that enlightenment comes when we let go of our ego, our separateness, and surrender to the divine, in the knowledge that all is one, that we are not separate, that we are all held, connected, protected, that we have very few needs in fact, and that by caring for others we are caring for ourselves. This is a common theme in all religions. It is the path of the spiritual warrior. Perhaps we are at war against ourselves, against our egos and what we think we want from life. Perhaps in the headlong rush to get what we want we have forgotten what we need… our connection to Mother Earth as well as our connection to ‘God’.

Many of us are on a journey of self-discovery, a mission to understand the meaning of life. To truly understand, we realize we have to let go, let go of the stories we have been telling ourselves which have been holding us back: ‘I can’t do that because if I do then this will happen’. We suffer from polarized and fearful thinking, many of us have not grown up and are stuck in our childlike minds. Not the ones we were born with, full of love and trust, but the 6 year-old self, who has absorbed all the fears and negativity from the conditioning of our early years.

The world seems like a fearful place, and when we think like that our fears are confirmed, as we reflect back to ourselves elements of what we are thinking. All around us is confirmation of a global negativity mindset, it is easier to buy into it than make the mental effort to change our mind, to resist fear and embrace love. However we need to understand that if we choose love, then love will choose us. The more we fall in love with life, and each other, regardless of our differences, the more life offers us in return.

Maybe not great riches, unless that is what our heart desires above all else, but better relationships, health, more joy, a better connection. When we push fear away repeatedly and change our mental set point to love, moment by moment, love will become our experience. Not necessarily fairytale love, someone to carry you off into the sunset and make your life better, but deep, unapologetic self-love, not conceit or ego mania, a symptom of lack of self-love, but a feeling of connection with the divine, with Source energy, our higher self, however you describe it.

I believe we must love ourselves so much and trust in the process of life, that it has our backs, without a doubt or any fear, that we become self-less, and then we won’t need more stuff or another person to make our lives better. And when we are ready, and our minds and bodies vibrate at the frequency of love, we will attract loving kindness and union with others who are also vibrating at that frequency. Otherwise we will attract people as sick and needy as ourselves, or worse, or indeed push people away, because lack creates lack, want creates more wanting.

We all need healing, now is the time, to go on a deep internal journey, to remove subconscious blocks which limit us and cause us to keep ourselves away from the light, for shame. We must let go of any negative feelings, like fear and guilt, while at the same time making wise choices which honour our selves and our mother, the Earth.

Peace, One Love

Emma Tubmen is a Wellbeing Enabler, complementary therapist, writer and mother, offering healing treaments in South London.