Gratitude :)

I am so grateful to be here right now, to be in this body with this mind, in this moment…but it wasn’t always and isn’t always the case, it has taken and will take practice: moment by moment I make up my mind to abide in a positive mental space, telling myself continually about all the things I am grateful for, such as: my family (even though we don’t always see eye to eye, they are my teachers), my friends (whom I would like to make more time for), my health (even the pain in my body is something to be grateful for because it is trying to draw my attention to something that I have not been paying attention to), my eye sight (what a gift, if you have it), my lessons (which I don’t always enjoy but which I am grateful for 😉 laughter (I love laughing), the abundance of Mother Earth (abundance is a state of mind), the love I feel for myself and all of humanity, this journey of life (even though it’s uncomfortable sometimes).

I am learning to let go of fear and live in the light of love. Fear is like the shadow side of love, nothing wrong with shadows, they make things look real, but a bright light can shine into a shadowy corner and the fear of the unknown is dispersed. Living in love feels better than living in fear, I choose love 🙂